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Will you nominate your hotel for the Hotelier Middle East Awards 2016?

Will you nominate your hotel for the Hotelier Middle East Awards 2016?

The Middle East boasts some of the most glamorous hotels in the world, with representation from all of the major hotel chains, as well as its own collection of regional hotel brands offering international services with an Arabic touch.

With properties promising state-of-the-art facilities and luxury services, hotel employees are continually pushed to go the extra mile. Yet, how often do we acknowledge those working behind the scenes — the people responsible for those perfectly-made beds, hidden cables and gleaming corridors?

All too often the spotlight is placed on the design and architecture, the marble lobbies or the crystal chandeliers, and the company CEOs driving the growth the region is so famous for.

The Hotelier Middle East Awards aims to redress the balance. They reward the often-unrecognised individuals that make the region’s hotels some of the very best in the world. They give those back-of-house heroes that so often go unnoticed their chance to shine, and bask in the glory bestowed upon them by their peers.

Now in its twelth year, the Hotelier Middle East Awards recognises a broad range of front and back of house roles, from laundry managers to chefs, marketing experts to concierges and spa professionals to engineers.

The awards will follow an Old Hollywood Glamour theme this year – suitably fitting for the “Oscars of the Middle East” for the hospitality industry. The awards gala dinner and ceremony promises to provide an evening of fun, excitement and entertainment, based around the theme and will once again see the most deserving of hoteliers acknowledged for all of their hard work in the longest running and most well respected awards recognition programme for the industry.

The Hotelier Middle East Awards are a celebration of excellence. The winners truly are the heroes that make the difference.

Andrew Morrow on F&B trends in the region

At the Caterer Middle East Middle Food & Business Conference, which took place at Grosvenor House Dubai, industry experts discussed the future of today’s food fads.

Heading up the discussion was Andrew Morrow, General Manager of F&B Development & Operations for Roya International, and Russell Impiazzi, Culinary Director of F&B for Galeries Lafayette, Lafayette Gourmet.

At the conference yesterday, Andrew Morrow predicted the end of the paleo diet, as well as the end of ‘superfood’ as a culinary buzzword.

In both cases, Morrow suggested, the knowledge gained from the paleo and superfood trends had become integrated into common dining habits, and would continue to do so, to the point where these words become obsolete.

“Food fads, especially dietary fads, come and go. But what remains is an intact knowledge that effects our dietary patterns,” Morrow began. 

“Paleo is on the decline now, but it has opened up the food industry.

"I don’t think people now identify it as 'paleo'. The term paleo will disappear, but people will continue to follow the principles of paleo eating, such as eating clean and unprocessed foods.”

The term superfood, also came under scrutiny during the conference discussion, as Morrow argued that several 'superfoods' had now become part of our daily and typical diet, making the term no longer relevant.

“We don’t even refer to them as superfoods anymore,” argued Morrow. "The cost of quinoa is now dropping. But the fad has helped to develop the long term.”

On the subject of superfoods, Impiazzi weighed in on the ingredient term, stating that if the cost of today’s highly fashionable Latin American superfoods deters restaurants from using them, chefs can look to cheaper, but also highly nutritious ‘traditional’ ingredients that may have become overlook in the current superfood wave.

“Tomato is a superfood,” Impiazzi stated. “In terms of price, let’s go back to the original superfoods: broccoli, heirloom tomatoes.”

A copy of this article appeared in Hotelier Middle East Magazine: 

Chef turned restauranteur is new General Manager of rapidly expanding Group F&B Operations

Andrew Morrow Heads Roya International F&B Division


Chef turned restauranteur is new General Manager of rapidly expanding Group F&B Operations                                 

Dubai March 2016:  Ròya, an international specialist hospitality consultancy firm based in Dubai, today announced the appointment of Andrew Morrow as the newest industry specialist to join their more than 60 strong professional team.  

Taking over the group’s F&B operations, is the latest step in a 22 year career driven by passion for the industry.  A chef by trade, Andrew Morrow started his career with Hyatt Hotels and rose to head chef working in some of the world’s most iconic hotel properties and independent restaurants including stints at Bather Pavilion, Mission Hill Family Estate and Hayman Island to name a few.  After more than ten years leading kitchen teams to success on three continents he came to the UAE in 2008 evolving into an operations role. A tenure at Emirates Palace was instrumental in setting him up to help launch a new food group and the development of three new brands for the UAE market. 

When asked for a comment Mr. Morrow said: “It is a pleasure to join the team at Ròya.  We all have a common view and goal-delivering excellence through creative solutions to the daily challenges and opportunities in our fast changing industry.  Our base in Dubai and the unique deep roots area knowledge that Ròya has along with the group’s amazing history of contributing to the iconic brands and developments that helped define this vibrant market are all part of what drew me to them.”

Upon joining Ròya, CEO Kees Hartzuiker welcomed Mr. Morrow and said: “Having gained an in-depth understanding of operational food and beverage requirements, Andrew brings to Ròya an exceptional portfolio of specialist knowledge and experience in all aspects of the hospitality food and beverage industry whether from menu planning, creation and engineering to an ability to comprehensively review back of house operations and services.  He loves what he does and it shows in all aspects of his passion and drive for excellence.”
Mr. Morrow also announced that he will lead a senior panel discussion “Designing for Scalability” at the upcoming prestigious Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF) taking place in Dubai between March 14-16, an event which Roya is sponsoring.   GRIF is now in its third year and in 2016 being powered by MICHELIN.  .

Rabih Feghali Joins Judging Panel For Leaders In Hospitality Awards 2016

Rabih Feghali Joins Judging Panel For Leaders In Hospitality Awards 2016

Rabih Feghali Joins Judging Panel For Leaders In Hospitality Awards 2016

Rabih Feghali, Director at Ròya International Hospitality and Leisure Consultants has confirmed his participation on the judging panel at this year’s Leaders in Hospitality Awards which is set to take place at the newly opened St Regis Dubai on April 19.

Feghali spent the early part of his career working in New York City at iconic properties such as The New York Palace, The Plaza and the Westin before moving back to Abu Dhabi to run a boutique hotel. Prior to joining Ròya, he held the position of director of hospitality development at FFA Real Estate in Beirut where he oversaw several hospitality Rabih Feghali Profile 2016development projects.  A graduate of Les Roches Hotel School in Switzerland and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, he has also received graduate certification from Cornell University, New York.

What are you looking to find in a Hospitality Leaders Awards winner?

I’ll be looking to see who has the most passion for our industry – nothing beats passion.

What category are you most excited about and why?

I am really excited about the Young Nationals Award – because its high time we started recognising the region’s young hoteliers. Historically, our industry had failed to attract nationals since we haven’t offered the most lucrative career choices. This is changing as we see more and more nationals looking at hospitality as a legitimate professional career.

Why are awards like these important for the industry?

Our industry prides itself on being at the forefront of excellence. Whether it’s a 3-star budget hotel, or a 5-star luxury resort , excellence is something we strive for.  Recognising the leaders and overachievers is one way to inspire the industry as a whole and to keep pushing the envelope .

A copy of this article also appeared in Hotel News Middle East: