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Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

Roya is significantly involved with TCA-Abu Dhabi - one of the UAE's leading strategic development groups.  Over the last several years, Roya has worked closely with TCA-Abu Dhabi by providing a range of diverse hospitality advisory services for special projects.
Roya's role has included strategic advisory on major master plan developments as well as a strategic overview of industry classification standards.  In that key development role, Roya  surveyed and classified the enhancement of hotel/hotel apartment standards, and developed new classification benchmarks for outdoor hospitality related activities as well as  food and beverage advisory for cultural offerings. 


Ajman Saray, A Luxury Collection Hotel

Ajman Saray, A Luxury Collection Hotel

As client representative, Ròya was appointed  in 2005 to deliver the 205 room, five-star resort development from concept through to completion. Ròya’s role was to manage the overall design, construction, operator selection process and pre-opening.  Ròya had the overall responsibility to deliver the project on time, within the budget and to quality. Located on the Corniche, Ajman, the development was completed by 2014.

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

As client representative, Ròya was involved from pre-concept through to operational handover in 2003 and provided hospitality advisory services as part of the client representative role, particularly during the design development stage. Ròya also provided an invaluable contribution in identifying design elements which hindered the commercial efficiency of the property. Ròya sourced, negotiated and secured a reputable hotel operator to manage the property which led to the Shangri-La chain being appointed, and opening their first property in the Middle East region.

Ròya continues its client representative role with hotel management oversight services for the 301 room, five-star hotel and 126 serviced apartments.

Ròya Asset Management

Hospitality Management Oversight (HMO), Five Star Hotel, Dubai

  • The property is managed by a reputable international hotel operator that was first introduced to the region by Ròya.
  • Ròya was involved throughout the hotel’s development from concept to completion
  • Ròya was appointed for HMO services from the first day of operation for the 301 room hotel and 126 serviced apartments.
  • Ròya’s greatest value was to support localization of the hotel brand to attract a wider and more diverse audience.
  • Within the first quarter after opening, Ròya identified that the food and beverage operation required immediate focus.
  • Despite a quality offering, the food and beverage department was not performing to its capacity in terms of consumer covers and consequently overall revenue.
  • Ròya’s methodology was to assess the strengths and challenges of the food and beverage operation from a hotel and market perspective and to determine a strategy that would maximize revenue generation.
  • This was achieved by adjusting the style of cuisine and service offering without impacting the restaurants’ concepts.
  • By revising the food and beverage strategy, the hotel saw over 10% increase in consumer covers.
  • This resulted in an estimated 30-32% additional yearly revenue for the hotel.

Ròya Hospitality Services

Hotel advisory, five star hotel, Doha

  • The five star hotel features a total hotel and apartment room inventory of 450, plus a sizeable food and beverage offering and a host of five star hotel facilities. It is being managed by one of the world’s largest hotel companies that owns, operates, franchises and manages hotel operations across 100 countries.
  • As hospitality advisor to the client, Ròya was involved in the project’s inception and contributed significantly during the construction stage.
  • During the pre-opening phase, Ròya’s specialist team gave the owner confidence in approving pre-opening and first year operating budgets, working capital requirements, finalization of hotel operating equipment supplies and securing key hotel management positions.
  • Ròya was able to advise the owner on potential shortfalls, identify areas that did not reflect industry norms and advise on revisions required to remain within the project’s parameters and the owner’s objectives.
  • With Ròya undertaking this role the owner was able to maintain control and actively participate in the key processes during this fundamental stage confident in the knowledge that his interests were being looked after by Ròya’s specialist team.

Ròya Development Advisory

Client Representative, Five Star Hotel, Abu Dhabi

  • As client representative, Ròya assumed the lead role to successfully deliver a reputable five star hotel in Abu Dhabi. From the project’s concept through to handover, the assignment was delivered within a 22 month period.
  • Under the management of a leading Asia-based hotel operator since opening in 2007, the 200 room hotel has been highly praised for its quality. Its already impressive variety of services has been further enhanced to include private villas, serviced apartments, a souk and a four star business hotel. All these additions to the overall project have been managed by Ròya during the design, development and handover process.
  • Ròya’s involvement, in addition to being the client representative, started with the initial site evaluation and continued with the selection and appointment of the project team and provision of hospitality advisory services. Throughout the project Ròya advised on design and development to ensure optimal functionality and hotel efficiency. 
  • Ròya also negotiated the hotel management agreement to determine the most favourable terms and conditions for their client, and delivered pre-opening support to facilitate a smooth operational handover and successful opening