Hospitality Services



Hotel, resort, restaurant, leisure, tourism development and operations are at the heart of our services.We are not reactive: We stay ahead of market trends and generate excellent returns for a growing list of international and MENA based investors.

From property location to space planning, from staffing to marketing, we have the strategic know-how, industry knowledge and the resources to deliver the right product to the right market.

Hotel Pre-opening Consultancy

Preparing a hotel to greet its first guest is a complex, and often stressful part of the development journey. Success factors: A combination of good timing and a detailed understanding of the process. With more than 100 hotel management agreements and 30 hotel asset management assignments, Ròya has a proven track record of successfully guiding clients through this process.


Key Services at a glance

Property positioning guidance

  • Assist with definition of entire pre-opening program process
  • Review of pre-opening budget, projected financial forecasting
  • Manage compilation of projected financial projections
  • Review and analysis for Year One operational budget
  • Management of operational and development schedule

Review of hotel activities submitted by the operator/appointed management

  • Manage the interface with the operator/appointed management
  • Review the development, set-up and implementation of operating guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Support in establishment of procurement systems
  • Assist in key executive appointment process
  • Recommendations on reservation system and pricing structures
  • Facilitate a smooth handover from contractor to operator/management

Branding and concept development

  • Contribute to overall marketing strategy
  • Monitor pre-opening standards of product and service
Public Sector Consultancy

Government institutions turn to Ròya for our expertise on a wide range of hospitality requirements. Whether developing a broad scale hospitality and tourism strategy or assisting in the master plan development of major facilities for public leisure, we have proven capability in this demanding area. With our governmental services team, we have undertaken major new development of iconic destinations, tourism complexes, public retail areas in infrastructure hubs, educational complexes and mixed use residential retail facilities. No matter how large or small, complex or straightforward the project-Ròya delivers a solution that meets the needs of the government developer.


Key Services at a glance

Hospitality and tourism development strategy

  • Concept development and master design review
  • Impact and retail usage studies
  • F&B strategy including recommendations on offering mix
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOP’s)

Hotel Services

  • Hotel classification services
  • Licensing services
  • Inspection services
Food and Beverage | Restaurant Advisory

Food and beverage, restaurants – whether casual or fine dining- this category of leisure is a central part of global social life.Out of home entertainment and dining is a large part of every family budget and planning for which restaurant will be successful is a key factor. Ròya's food and beverage services are designed to create trend-setting products that deliver optimum returns for operators and owners alike.


Key Services at a glance

Concept development and implementation

  • Overseeing market research and initial concept development
  • Location appraisals, review of feasibility studies and advice on market trends
  • Space identification
  • Oversee development of business plan
  • Assistance, advice and monitoring of interior design
  • Branding assistance

Development of operations manuals and SOP’s assistance

  • Restaurant management and operational assessments
  • Identify relevant health, hygiene and safety regulations to support clients with authority conformity
  • Support in development of menu and beverage selection
  • Advice on manpower requirements, recommendations on salary levels, bonus schemes, service charge
  • Oversight of training programme development and facilitation
  • Management advice on the procurement process
Operational Evaluation Services

Clients often call on us for our highly qualified evaluation and analysis of their business. Whether assessing a single aspect such as the review of a sales and marketing team or an entire operation, Ròya has the experience to fully evaluate the situation and report the findings. Every report delivers detailed recommendations for adjustments to improve profitability and continued performance success.


Key Services at a glance

Operational Evaluations

  • Revenue and expense benchmarking
  • Competitive positioning
  • Pricing strategies
  • Operating costs and financial results
  • Reservation efficiencies

Management and staffing reviews

  • Internal control assessments
  • Marketing plans
  • Digital and social media marketing plans
  • Guest satisfaction protocols
Localisation Services

Local knowledge is an essential component of any project. There are many variables and it is easy to make assumptions that could potentially compromise even the best laid plans. At Ròya we make sure we know everything about the local picture before we even plan a project. We avoid uncomfortable surprises and tailor the offering to the market as accurately as possible. We are experts at taking a global concept and adapting it to local trends and markets.


Key Services at a glance

Key review areas

  • Architectural elements reflecting the location
  • Interior design and art elements related to the local identity
  • Food and beverage offerings sourced from local community traditions
  • Calendarization of national holidays as key event planning
  • Local language marketing and communications materials

Staffing and human resources

  • Local recruitment protocols
  • Usage of local welcoming or hospitality traditions
  • Adaptation of local costumes for staff
  • Application and usage of local materials and handicrafts in the facility